A few things to share…

Hello everyone,

it has been a little while, since I have last posted, but I am still here. Some might be happy about ir, some might be angry about it / you win some, you loose some. 🙂 But this post is not created to poke anyone, I  feel the necessity to provide some updates. 🙂

So, firstly, I have extended the route by a couple of kilometers, building a huge steel bridge and a few new things. This extension is not yet available for download, as i need to adjust some things and polish a few details. It might take a while before it is released, but it is being worked on.  I cannot let anyone (myself included) down. 🙂 Before the extended route is available, I might post a couple more missions, since we currently only have one. I would like to create a night mission as well, but that would need texture conversions and modifications…

Secondly, Chris Lees has announced a very welcome update of the simulator itself – it should now be capable to simulate rotating bogies (so they will finally follow the rail properly). I am currently testing that on one of my trains and if it turns out to work properly, this important thing will be added to all my trains. That means the trains will not be compatible with older versions of the sim anymore.

One more important thing – looks like PayPal have lost their plot entirely and they have sent me about 25 notifications in the last 2 days that my PayPal account is limited due to unauthorized access. I have no more patience with them, I am looking to cancel their service. Therefore the donation button has been removed. If you wish to support the site, feel free to contact me.

I will post an update soon.

Have a good evening!