Trains back online

Hi everyone,

today I have managed to to reupload all the trains that were present on the old version of the site. The basic principle for downloading the these trains is the same as it was; it is done by clicking the picture of the train.

If everything goes well, objects will follow and that will pretty much be it – I have never received any feedback on anything else, so I will keep the music, the book I was trying to write and some other stuff for myself. I believe if it was of anyone’s interest, I would have received at least something. 🙂

Let’s hope there will soon be more trackwork for these trains to run on!

Bit of a rant…

Hi guys,

so it looks like the basics of the site are set up again, speaking about the appearance and the functionality. I have even managed to resurrect the PayPal button, now I just hope it set up correctly. 😀 Not sure why PayPal would not let me set up a new via my PayPal account; I had to use the one from the previous website.

Now, to the ranting point. I was trying to upload some downloadable files, which I have managed to do, that’s not difficult at all. However, as soon as you want to add a WORKING download button, you are apparently screwed. The buttons integrated directly in WordPress are easy to work with, but the download part does not work at all. You can click the button all you like and it won’t do anything. You can be picking your nose at the same time and you will get the same result.

Oh well, there has to be a way…