About the Project

The idea of Rosice Railway is based on my local railway route. Contrary to First Brno Track, which is supposed to be a high-speed route, this route is used mainly for people, who are commuting to Brno. It is DMU-operated with no overhead equipment.

The above state will, however, not be valid for much longer as there are massive con struction work going on these days. The former low-quality single track route will become electrified and will receive a second track as well. On one hand, this will certainly help the people travelling to work save some time, it will probably also be more eco-friendly (as the commuter DMUs will be replaced by electric units), but it will also mean that some of the old time’s magic of the route will be lost. You just can’t stop developemnt, though, can you…

I intend to re-create the old version of the route, that means a single-tracked diesel-operated route. Please note this will not be an exact copy of the real route; it will be a semi-fictional route with realistic environment.

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