FBT – The Story Continues

This was the breaking point in terms of bringing in more realism to the route. Many textures have been replaced with photorealistic ones, many objects have been reworked. I was very proud of the new section between Lipnice nad Sivou main st. and Lipnice nad Sivou – Háje. For me, it was a demonstration of what openBVE can handle at that time.
Key features:
  • new CG created passengers
  • new photorealistic textures on many objects
  • animated crossings, riverflows
  • open BVE only!


Hardware requirements

Processor: Pentium or equvalent, 3 GHz (dual core optimal)
Memory: 2 GB RAM
Graphic card: 256 MB VRAM (the more the better)
Simulator: openBVE

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