First Brno Track

This section of the website is dedicated to the first route I have created for the simulator. I lived in Brno back then and so I thought the route name should reflect it – hence First Brno track. I was not very inventive there, was I. 🙂 Anyhow, I have never really thought about changing the name after it was used for the first time. 

The route itself is a fictional high-speed route based on Czech landscape railway network. Most of the objects found in this route are created by myself, but few of them were created by Vince Black & Gyzma back when they were still active in the community. As you can probably tell from the number of sections included, this route has undergone some development and upgrades; that is why you can find multiple sub-sections in here.

Feel free to select the version of your interest, or even better, try them all. It is an interesting journey mapping the development of this route. 🙂 And honestly, also a part of my life… I have known this route longer than my wife. 😀 😀

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