Web slowly returning…

Hi guys,

as you might have noticed, I am slowly adding the content back to the website. For now, I am creating the site navigation and I would like to reupload the First Brno Track again.

The sign post – or the links sidebar, if you wish – will be restored as well. There will only be a few basic links, though, as it will only contain sites, which are active and have valuable resources on them. If you think you know a website that is worth adding in there.

So far, I have been struggling to re-create the donation button, as PayPal is obviously not friends with me anymore. 😀 I moght, however, find another way to do it, we shall see. It is not the most important thing to do, after all.

Lastly, I wouls like to thank BVE WorldWide forum member zbx1425, who has pointed me towards a link to my web-archived website.

Work done on Switches

Hi guys,

after yesterday’s revival of the site, I have decided I will upload something new in terms of work for the sim. I am still a little bit bitter over what’s happened, but at least the new work gives me a reason to be optimistic.

So, if you haven’t seen this on the BVE WorldWide forum yet, check out the comparison of the old and new trackwork. The first picture shows what was used for First Brno Track, the rail in the second picture will be used for Rosice Railway.