FBT – 2016

This is the last version f hte route for the time being. Some new kilometers have been built, you can now reach Deblín station with its 4 rails. Out of the whole First Brno Track project, the last passage from Lipnice nad Sivou – Háje to Deblín is without a doubt the best one. The graphic side of the route was further enhanced visually and most importantly the route was optimized to reduce the hardware load. 

This add-on has been created in my free time and you are downloading it for free. Please consider a voluntary donation to support future development on this website. Thank you.

Enjoy the ride. 🙂


Special thanks to:
  • My wife (for her immense patience)
  • My daughters (for their happy smiles)
  • Quork (for his valuable contribution with textures and support)
  • Graymac (for his positive attitude and wise advice)
  • Everyone, who kept his / her interest in difficult times 🙂

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