Web slowly returning…

Hi guys,

as you might have noticed, I am slowly adding the content back to the website. For now, I am creating the site navigation and I would like to reupload the First Brno Track again.

The sign post – or the links sidebar, if you wish – will be restored as well. There will only be a few basic links, though, as it will only contain sites, which are active and have valuable resources on them. If you think you know a website that is worth adding in there.

So far, I have been struggling to re-create the donation button, as PayPal is obviously not friends with me anymore. 😀 I moght, however, find another way to do it, we shall see. It is not the most important thing to do, after all.

Lastly, I wouls like to thank BVE WorldWide forum member zbx1425, who has pointed me towards a link to my web-archived website.