4 moths later…

Hello everyone,

I know, there has been nothing from me in a while. I had started a new project and the I disappeared, which is not exactly the best way to support it, right? Well, I think every developer will tell you that when they start a new project, something usuually happens and and forces you to postpone your plans. Been there, done that.

As I might have mentioned before, I had changed ny working position, which later proved to be quite a challenge. I spent three months in a training mode for the new work role and it wasn’t exactly easy; there was a lot to learn and understand. With this on my shoulders, it was very difficult to find time and also motivation at times, as one feels really exhausted after 8 hours of learning domething new. If you do something similar, you will understand; if you don’t, you will have to take my word for it.

To add to that, my wife has started a job after maternity “vacation” (no idea why the hell it’s called a “vacation” in the first place) and obviously both my girls need me in real life. In any case, the real life should always be the priority no. 1 no matter what.

Now, to the good news. It appears I might finally be working on the schedule I have been promised earlier, which would give me two of the working days off. For me that is quite exciting as I did not have free time at all in the last couple of months. Obviously, I will not spend 100% of that time frame creating things for the sim, but the plan is to give the thing a couple of hours every week. It might not sound that exciting, but if you compare it to what I have been on recently, which is a couple of hours in the last half of the year, then it sounds pretty good, doesn’t it?

I have sat around a bit yesterday, working on the new station and adding stuff to the new project. I had to recode a couple of houses and redo the rail labelling (and laso reassociate some objects as a consequence), but the direction is there and I know what I want to build. So far, it is not looking bad at all, but that will be up to you to judge later. Please bear with me. 🙂

Also, please vote in the new poll! 😉