Merry Christmas everyone!

Hello guys,

another year has passed almost by and it is the time, when most people probably stop and turn around to take a look at what that year has brought them, and what they could have done better. Even if I understand this thing, I think we should not live the past, we should be living the presence and looking forwards instead.

Still, I shoud probably point out one significant achievement of this website – I finally managed to create an independent brnobve home with its own permanent domain; this was a huge step I was always afraid of, but looking back at it, I think I can say it turned out to be smoother and faster than I expected. From reactions of the most important people – you, the visitors – I assume this step has been taken in the right direction. This home should be my permanent residence. 🙂

Oh, one more thing to mention; the total number of visits is attacking the value of 60 thousands! When I was creating the first and pretty ancient version of the website (some of you will probably recall it), I was hoping I would get to 10 thousands one day… and currently this site is achieving that in about a year! A huge thanks to all of you, who don’t let me down and give me the motivation to remain with the sim and think about new things!

I might be a it of a party spoiler here, but for those, who are thinking there might be a surprise later today, I have some bad news. I have been stuck with my real life a bit, doing some construction works on my “real” home, so everything is delayed. 🙁 The good thing about that is, however, I am hoping to have everything sorted out in January / February and after that everything will go back to normal.

To be honest, I am still building the route in the bits of free time I have, so I can safely say the work has not been stoipped totally and I haven’t forgotten anything. 😀 So far, some new mileage has been created and I have managed to knock up a working signalling system. We shall see when a new version of the route is ready… it will probably require a powerful PC, though.

Hey, this is by far the longest post on my blog!:-D

Let me wish you happy holidays, everyone, use the free time you might have wisely. There certainly are people, who will appreciate it. 😉