I can help you with that!

Hello folks,

hopefully the situation described in the previous post has calmed down a bit. Good for the community I guess, so let’s move on.

I still have to mention the BVE Terminus here, because the following content will be connected with a post I have spotted there. Stephen Cross has requested someone’s assistance to create an arch supporting the brick tunnel entrance. The original state of the portal is documented below in the first picture (red arrow marking the issue to be dealt with).

Having done a few tunnels myself, I thought this task should not be difficult for me, so I have accepted the “challenge”. Only after that, I have realised my tunnels were all made of concrete, while this one is made of bricks. Because of that, it had to be treated differently; there are at lleast two ways to create the arch, but only one of them does not distort the brick texture. The output of the other one is rather ugly and looking unrealistic.

After sorting out which is the correct technique for this arch to be built, I have come up with the final product. Hopefully it will fulfill Stephen’s requirements and serve him well. 🙂

Here is the before / after comparison:

This is just a minor example of two people cooperating. I know there is much more, but people might not be talking about it publicly. That is probably a pity; I think there is actually much more goodness in the community than some of its members might think. 🙂

Please note Stephen requested this for his private use only; I am not going to publish or distribute whatever it is connected with.