Mileage accruing!

Hello folks,

I have had a bit of time yesterday, so I have decided to take a look at the new part of the route and extend it with some new meters. The construction goes rather slow, but I can say I am satisfied with the results so far. It is interesting to look at some part of the route, which has been built recently, and then move to some of the older parts for comparison. I had to stop doing that, since I can see to many things that could get improved there; if I delayed myself with that, no new miles would be added.

Anyway, I now have a clear vision of what I want to build reaching the new station, the question is when that can be done, because (yes I know, I am repeating myself), the time is not really on my side. The only thing left is to try and cope with that fact.

I was thinking about Michelle the other day. I mean, if I had put so much effort into something as she did with openBVE, I would definitely watch what’s happening with my work. What I am trying to say is I would probably (and maybe unseen!) visit some websites, read stuff, just out of curiosity. And if I saw a good progress being made and the shite which made me leave vanishing, I would probably return and carry on from where I’d quit before. Like it or not, openBVE is a masterpiece if you consider it has been brought to where it is by a very small development team…

Alright, enough contemplations, here is the real deal. 🙂 Full size of these screenshots can be found in Photogallery -> Future.