Moving on

Hello folks,

time flows by like a river and there we are, in the middle of January. In the past days, I have been working on the route extension and despite it going very slowly, the amount of meters built is getting higher. We should be approaching another station in a not so long time frame.

I am yet about to decide if to publish the route or not, but most likely it will happen. there had been no release last year, the 2013 was not very generous to us all, was it? I can see 2014 beating 2013 to it and I will be more than happy to contribute.

There is some more good news; a nice set of trees has just been made available for you in the objects section. I need to modify the descriptions a bit, because I have received some information on the original photos of those. As mentioned in the object section itself, the author of textures for those trees is Quork. So here is to thank him for extending my possibilities in terms of vegetation for the route and for the database.