Changes, a part of our lives

Hello folks,

some of you might have noticed I have been quite silent recently. Similarly to anything else in our lives, this has its own reasons. 🙂 To be honest with you, there are a few events running in my life and I am trying to deal with all of them simultaneously. I find it very exciting, but also very exhausting at times. I am not going to dig deeper into this, if you are interested in more details, feel free to send me an email, or simply use the contact form on this website. It will do the same thing – and fast. 🙂

Let us focus on the sim, though, I have noticed a few very interesting and exciting prospect running on lately. A friend of mine, graymac, has come up with a great initiative; he has started producing free objects for our routes. He has been focusing on road vehicles lately, and his products are very good. Moreover, graymac has allowed me to host the objects here on brnobve; they will also be available on his celtictrainsim website, if I am not mistaking. The link to my fellow developer can be found in the signpost.

Edit: I have been notified some of those truck objects were in fact created by Stephen Cross. The credits have been modified accordingly.

In addition to that, Quork has come up with a nice railway vehicle object – a tank wagon. Should you need any of the above mentioned objects for your route, visit the “Objects” section of this website to see the previews and access the downloads.

Another good news is that Chris Lees looks to be working on further development of the TrackGen tool ; he does even apologize for updating it too often!? 😀 Hopefully he will continue with the same pace, speaking for myself, I certainly do not mind that this kind of stuff is happening in the sim. Any development shown by an established author is more than welcome, isn’t it? 🙂

I just wish I had a bit more time to catch up on those good guys and come up with something nice as well. What I can say now is that one of the above mentioned events (on of the two major ones) is drawing to a close and when it’s finished, I might have more time on my hands. Hopefully this is going to happen in a couple of weeks…