Farewell, Brno…

Right guys,

this moment is a bit special for me, and I am not quite sure where to start. As I have mentioned in my previous blog entry, changes are a part of our lives. Despite that, though, there are some changes, which are hard to carry out. I can imagine you have probably lived through some of them as well. As you can tell by the title, I will be leaving my home city, Brno. Hence my lower activity on the BVE scene.

I have spent here 28 and half year of my life, so I got sort of used to the place and it will be a bit odd to just pack my things and go away. But there is a new place waiting for us, which me and my wife have been building for the past few months. It does cost a lot of effort and funds to build a new home for your family; and as any other normal (that stands for not winning a lottery or not stealing anything) family, we had to take a loan for it. It is a bit worrying, but there is not much else you can do if you want to have a reasonable place to live I guess…

So, that is one big news revealed. In fact, we are not moving far away from Brno and we might still visit the city quite often, since I have family here, but I sometimes feel like preferring loneliness and calmness instead, for which the new place will be just about ideal. Not for long though, because the other news is that there is a child coming our way in September. 🙂 We do not know the gender yet, but we are both looking forward to have him / her. 🙂 Speaking for myself, I am very well aware this is probably going to be the toughest challenge in my life so far, but I feel ready to accept this challenge.

A quick heads up – I will be moving on Saturday on Sunday, so I might be without a proper Internet connection for a while. I beg your patience with this respective matter. I have already selected a new Internet provider, but I cannot really tell when they will come to my place and install the service.

Just a side note – you can now follow me on twitter. The follow button is located in the signpost.