Hacker, LOL

Hello everyone,

thought I’d share a funny event that has happened to me yesterday. While having a walk with my daughter (well, she was sleeping in the stroller, obviously, she’s only 6 months old), I got a few messages on my phone, saying that someone is trying to access this website. I was wondering what is going, since it was obviously not myself and there is no the admin to the website. Therefore, I have done some research through my phone – I have checked the logs with attempted admin log-ins and guess what, someone from London, UK, was trying to get in the admin section of the website. I am not blaming anyone particular, since it could have been literally everyone (using proxy or whatever), but the funny part is he/she has actually not even managed to get through the admin password. How about that for a world-class “hacker”. 😀

This event has actually reminded me of my colleague Vince Black, who has become a victim of real hackers (from Turkey, I believe) a couple of times. Come to think of it – why? Why would anyone hack a website, which does not generate any profit to its owner, and which is in fact not financially interesting at all? I was always thinking hackers are mainly interested in transacting money from their victim’s bank account, accessing secret information, getting credit card details, you know, stuff like that. And then there comes some mug and hacks a website focusing on a train simulator, which is altogether (the sim itself, add-ons) free of charge. The logic. I don’t get it.

However, this hacker was apparently a real professional, who was not able to break through a reasonably strong password. Well, I won’t wish you better luck next time, you utter useless bag of garbage. 😀

Managed to take a nice picture on the walk, by the way, the weather has been kind to us lately. You won’t ruin my day, “hacker”. 😀

Everyone else – enjoy. 🙂