New progress made

Hello everyone,

I think it is about time to show some more new screenshots from the route. I am trying hard to find some spare time to finish the route off. We shall see if that will be it for now, or for good. I will take the results of the poll from the previous blog entry into account as well. At this moment, it looks like the majority of voters think I should wrap this route up and start something new. The truth, however, is, there is not many voters at all. That makes me think if there is so few people in the community, or just so few people in the community, who actually care to click that button and make their opinion heard. Either way, it is sort of sad.

Below are the latest two screens, which I have just managed to create. The color is still wet, so do not touch them with bare hands. 🙂 Any feedback is highly appreciated; feel free to use the message board at the main page, or the thread at BVE WorldWide.

Thank you.