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OpenBVE (or Trainsimframework, whichever you like more) offers potential developers a relatively wide spectrum of features to be utilized. However, one cannot really start building from the scratch (well, you can open an empty notepad window) unless he knows at least the basic principles of object / route / train building). For this purpose, openBVE’s author, Michelle, has created an official documentation, which explains all the terms.

According to the community feedback, some parts of the documentation might be a bit too technical and less user-friendly. To create things for openBVE, you will need basic knowledge of geometry and you need to be familiar with some picture editing software, such as Adobe Photoshop, GIMP etc. For animated objects, you also need a bit of mathematical, algebraic and programming skills.

Please consult the official documentation to see the full spectrum of possibilities openBVE has to offer (html files compressed with 7-zip).

Download Documentation

If you find the official documentation too technical or in any way uneasy to understand, you might try one of the following locations to get information.

BVE WorldWide – The simulator’s international forum. Visit the knowledge base (registered users only) to get more information, or simply ask questions.

Celtic Trainsim (CTS) – Website of a very good developer and my friend, graymac. Visit section download -> publications and try graymac’s “Eejit’s guide”, which is written in a very good straightforward way.

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