Developing Guides

this page will attempt to gather some informational materials to help you out with developing things for the simulator. There are three basic topics that you will need to become familiar with, if you want to become a complete developer for the simulator. You will need to know how to create an object, how to create a route and also how to create a train. These guides aim to help you with that. The page is still under construction.

Route development
This guide will help you understand the basics of building a route in the simulator. It contains information on how to create the tracks, how to work with them, and how to place basic objects to create some environment. The original object guide was written by Gyzma, later it was updated by myself.

To add to that, we now also have in store the signalling guide from graymac’s “eejit” series. I am sure you will find it very useful to understand the functional mechanisms of signalling and security systems in openBVE. It is definitely worth giving a read.

Route Building Guide  Signalling Guide

Object Development
The one and only himself – graymac – has written the following two guides, which I personally find not only very informative and educational, but also funny. Mr. Graymac has a gift of genuine Irish humor, which he is able to incorporate into almost everything. Therefore, if you are interested in object building for openBVE, I strongly recommend taking a look at these “eejit” guides. We have got graymac’s (or eejit’s?) Object Building Guide and Texturing Guide, where the first one focuses on building an actual 3D geometric structure, while the second one shows the way to attach textures to the structure.

Object Building Guide  Texturing Guide

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