FBT – Twenty Sixteen

Most recent route release (15/02/2016)
Key features:
  • Route optimized for lower HW demands.
  • A couple of new objects.
  • A couple of new textures.

This version of the route has been designed to take way some of the load to your hardware. Some objects had to be re-coded for this to be possible, but despite significant rise in fps in some places, you will not see any significant changes to graphics. The route itself should load and work with no errors, however, if you do find any glitches or something that does not seem (and most likely isn’t right)m please let me know via BVE WorldWide forum, or by sending me an email. Enjoy the ride! 🙂

This add-on has been created in my free time and you are downloading it for free. Please consider a voluntary donation to support future development on this website. Thank you.

Special thanks to:
  • My wife (for her immense patience)
  • My daughter (for her happy smiles)
  • Quork (for his valuable contribution with textures and support)
  • Graymac (for his positive attitude and wise advice)
  • Everyone, who kept his / her interest in difficult times 🙂

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