Waterloo and City Line

Waterloo and City line is another drivable route brought to you by Dan, aka Ad1992. Thanks to his (and a few other people’s, see credits) work, you can  head over to the undeground and take a ride along its tubes, curves and switches. I have tested the route myself and I have to say it can be seen Dan has put a lot of effort into it, you should definitely not miss this route out. 🙂

Please make sure to unpack the archives into the proper directories. Once you unpack the route files, you will be able to find a very helpful PDF file with instruction on how to install the route, and drive the train on this route.

List of downloadable files:

File NameDescriptionFile SizeFile Type
Class482.zipRequired Train32.4 MBZIP archive
Waterloo and City Object.zipArchived Object Files39.3 MBZIP Archive
Waterloo and City Route.zipArchived Route Files5.1 MBZIP Archive
Waterloo and City Sound.zipArchived Sound Files21.6 MBZIP Archive
W and C manual.pdfInstallation and driving instructions8.88 MBPDF File

And as usual, we do have a screenshot for you. 🙂


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