Chashinai Railway

A network of Japanese routes for openBVE. Even though a station called “Chashinai” does exist in Japan, I have the feeling this set of routes is meant to be fictional and does not reflect this real-life railway station. The whole railway network has been created by Odakyufan and designed to work under openBVE. Check the table below for the route download and please let me know if you find any discrepancies.

Before entering the railway network, make sure to pay attention to the included readme file. It might answer your questions regarding the route installation and train controls.

List of downloadable files:

File NameDescriptionFile SizeFile Type
Readme.rtfInstallation + driving guide3.9 MBRich Text File
Object.7zArchived Object Files8.6 MB7-Zip Archive
Route.7zArchived Route Files1.7 MB7-Zip Archive
Sound.7zArchived Sound Files132 kB7-Zip Archive
TrainSet.7zRequred Rolling Stock11.8 MB7-Zip Archive
Optional Train.7zOptional Rolling Stock2.5 MB7-Zip Archive

A random screen from the route can be found below… 🙂

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