Central Line – demo

This quality route is brought to you by Ad1992, who has unfortunately had some issues with the previous download location. Here at brnobve, we would like to express ourselves quite clearly we are going to support talented developers as long as they comply with common sense and avoid “infringing copyrights”. This download location might be a temporary one, it is all based upon Dan’s decisions. Please enjoy the route. 🙂

List of downloadable files:

File NameDescriptionFile SizeFile Type
1992TS.zipRequired Train38.2 MBZIP archive
Acknowledgements.rtfCredits file31.9 kBRich Text File
Central Line Object.zipArchived Object Files222 MBZIP Archive
Central Line Route.zipArchived Route Files66.4 kBZIP Archive
Central Line Sound.zipArchived Sound Files91.4 MBZIP Archive
Driving Manual.rtfTrain Driving Instructions41.7 kBRich Text File
Installing the route.rtfInstallation Instructions32.9 kBRich Text File

And here’s a little appetizer… 🙂

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