Unofficial Tools

These tools have been created by myself, or by myself in cooperation with Anthony Bowden (route shifter) and therefore are not “officially” part of the main team’s development of the simulator. However, these tools are considered freeware and you can use them for your own production.

3D Tree

This little utility enables you to create 3D tree object in a fast and easy way, using your own texture. The program also gives you the opportunity to set the dimensions of the bush / tree.


Bench Builder

This utility gives you the opportunity to create three different types of benches. The only thing needed is the seat texture, everything else is done by the program. The dimensions are to be set by the user.


openBVE Script Editor

An absolutely great helping tool created by Phil Eakins. Here is the authors own description of this fine program: “An OBVE dedicated Editor featuring instant access to all of the script instructions which can then be easily be inserted with a mouse click. It includes a reusable route script template and multiple documents can be loaded so that a route and its ‘include’ files can be edited together, and with the ability to run OBVE and the Route and Object viewers from within the Editor, viewed as work progresses.

Notes and code snippets can be separately saved and quickly recalled and printed so that those illegible ‘back of an envelope’ scribbles can be a thing of the past. Everything necessary for successful development is contained together and is easily accessed.

This Editor is a work in progress and is offered as a fully working beta version for evaluation, although at least two routes by experienced developers are presently being written using it. Further development with new features will take place and comments (and complaints) are invited, see the ‘HowTo.txt file in the application’s \Data directory, or view it from within the editor’s menu system, for contact details.

Happy developing.”

May I add I am using this program myself and I can safely say it saves me lots of time and makes my life as a developer much easier. Highly recommended. 🙂



As the name of the utility says, this one let’s you create rail objects for your route. Amongst the options given to the user I would mention gauge selection for each rail – 1067 mm or 1435 m, setting the power wire on /off and setting the power wire height.



This utility allows you to adjust the metric distance of a whole route file. The program is also performing a self check for possible negative metric values – if any is found, the program will automatically adjust the amount of meters for shifting. This utility has been developed in cooperation with Anthony Bowden.


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