Official tools

The main part of the production still has to be done in the Notepad (in fact, there is a tool in production, but it is not yet complete). The following programs are there to assist you with visualizing what you have created; it can often help you more than you think. It is much easier to repair an error if you can see it rendered, than if you would just go through a bunch of coordinates. Check below what tools we have to help you.

Object viewer

The object viewer is a program that enables you to visualize any openBVE object. From my own experience, I would recommend starting your own development for the sim by creating a simple object. It will give you a clue on how things work, what can be achieved and how to make your work simple and efficient. Every route in openBVE consist of objects, so if you are planning on constructing your own route, you will need object building skills anyway.
Unpack the downloaded archive into your openBVE root folder.

Download ObjectViewer

Route Viewer

When it comes to route production, it is always necessary to have an opportunity to see what impact your changes have in the “real” world. You will need to check it regularly to avoid misplaced or missing objects, because this devalues the route and ruins the overall impression.
Again, unpack the downloaded archive into your openBVE root folder.

Download RouteViewer

Train Editor

If you don’t feel like creating an object or a route, you might perhaps try to create a drivable train instead. This might seem difficult at first, but once you get familiar with the commands and techniques used for train panel creation, it is quite easy. There are in fact more options for creating a train panel, but that is not something to be worried about at the start.

Download TrainEditor

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