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What is openBVE?
OpenBVE is considered a free, open source railway simulator. It allows you to take charge of a locomotive and lead it through a designed route. These routes are created by enthusiasts from around the Globe; the community gives these addons out for free. However, there might be some author-designed rules that have to be observed.

The former author of this simulator – Michelle – is no longer active and the development seemed to be taken over by Odakyufan. The last update from his site is dated somewhere in July 2012, though. This site should serve as a download service to make sure the sim will stay alive. Should you have any questions, please visit the BVE WorldWide forum, I am sure you will be able to find the answer there.

The simulator offers you a possibility to contribute to the virtual world of railways yourself. There are many guys from around the world, who have tried and actually created addons for the sim. There is no reason why anyone cannot manage to do that. However, patience and determination are needed for that. You simply have to overcome any trouble you encounter.

As the first step I would recommend downloading the simulator and some of the already existing addons; it might give you an idea of what is going on. You will need to decompress the archive into a folder of your choice. The 7-zip program is quite easy and intuitive to use, but should you have any problems, visit BVE WorldWide forums to get advice, or just go to the “miscellaneous” section of this website and send me a message.

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