Jubilee Line – Phase Two!

The Jubilee line hosted on BrnoBVE previously has made it to phase two! The BVE Western region team is taking the route one step further with new mileage, new textures and objects, and lots of effort put into it. I certainly hope you will enjoy this project and I would like to congratulate the team to their good work!

Below is what one of the authors has to say on the project:

“Phase two of the route continues further eastwards through the iconic Canary Wharf, to the current end of the line at Waterloo. Southwark station is not yet complete so trains are non stopping until further notice. The 1996 stock train has had a bit more functionality added to it and the stopping has been tweaked to make it easier; although still realistic.
Some sections of the route are now very fast so you will need to learn your braking points and gradients.

The line would have started getting busier at this point since more stations were available to the public, so the passenger loading levels somewhat reflect this, and after some feedback from phase 1 the route should look a bit more alive now.

It is recommended that you read the new manual as there have been some minor additions added, so please familiarise yourself with these.

Last but not least. Have fun.”


  • Please make sure to download the route manual and follow the provided instructions.
  • Should you have any questions, feel free to ask at BVE WorldWide forum

Route Manual Archived Route Files

The Jubilee line enters phase two…

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