Jubilee Line Out Now!

A brand new route for the openBVE simulator. Created by The Bve Western Region Team, this route offers you a nice ride through one of the London’s newest underground lines – Jubilee Line – as it says in its name. The good news is that this line should be developed furthermore and might therefore become a subject to extension. I have taken a ride myself and I can recommend this to everyone for trying. 🙂

Below is what one of the authors has to say on the project:

This will be the first phase of a brand new Jubilee line route for Openbve.

Set in 1999 with an up to date functional 1996 stock train, this demo runs from Stratford to North Greenwich.

When the Jubilee line extension was first built the line was opened in phases. The first official open section being Stratford to North Greenwich. It seems only fitting that this first release recreates the initial preview service that was operated by LUL along this section at the time.

Subsequent releases will follow in the near future as the line continues further west towards Stanmore,
and more functionality is added to the train.



  • Please make sure to download the route manual and follow the provided instructions.
  • Should you have any questions, feel free to ask at BVE WorldWide forum

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