Hello everyone,

so, I guess you have noticed the video has not been released at all. You are correct; it has not even been recorded yet.

I haven’t mentioned that anywhere, but there was a minor accident involving me, my daughter and my phone. No, nobody’s health has been damaged, but the display on my phone got cracked and I had to order a new one. That is, however, not a big deal – I mean, of course it costs money and involves waiting for the replacement part, but that is nothing unbearable. As long as everyone is healthy and safe.

On the other hand, the whole procedure went to shit, as I have ordered the replacement part, paid for it, some lovely person in China (I spoke with her, she really was friendly) has sent the thing to me and… the Czech Post lost the consignment. The last notice says the package has been successfully cleared at customs in Prague at September 12th, 2017. When I called them what is happening, and why does it take a week to get the package from Prague to me, they told me they don’t know where it is. The anger and frustration levels are immense.

Just to compare. The Chinese and Swedish post services were able to move the package approximately 5500 miles in a week. The Czech post service is not able to do 108 miles in the same time frame… they must be having a laugh.

I am not really in a good spirit today, so I will stop now, before this rant turns into an unnecessary shit storm.

I do apologize for the delay.

Thanks for understanding.

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