Plans for tomorrow

Hello guys,

so, tomorrow I am finally having a day off and having said that, I will be continuing with the object creation series. You can expect a video to be uploaded during the day. 🙂 I am currently thinking of speeding up the process a little, as I need to move on to other stuff to have some visible product within the route. I mean – I enjoy creating these videos and hopefully someone watches them as well, but it is sort of delaying for me to create an object that I would have done in 10 minutes for 2+ hours. 😀

Therefore, I will record a couple of videos tomorrow to have the object completed, and then I will move on to another stuff. I can the upload a video every now and then, as they are not too large. I think it would probably be too much to just spit all the information out all at once, as it might get a bit overwhelming. Keeping the videos in reasonable shape in terms of content quantity along with breaks between single videos gives you time to absorb the information and eventually try some things yourself.

That reminds me – if you have got any feedback to these videos, feel free to leave me a message in the shoutbox on the right, or in the dedicated thread on BVE WorldWide forum.

And… a poll. 🙂

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