Entering another year…

Hello guys,

the title of this post might look a little bit weird to you, as we are nowhere near the end of the calendar year just yet, but this is connected to something slightly different.

Every year around this time (first two weeks of September) I get to pay for the web hosting service and domain. This year it is a little bit special, though, as the website has been here since 2008. Obviously, that involves the previous version of the thing, which was far away from perfect (yeah, this one is also, can you just be quiet? 😀 ), but the main point is that this site will celebrate its 10th birthday soon.

No matter the form or design, I think we might well be one of the oldest websites in the community. This, I think  is something to be proud of. 🙂 Moreover I started creating things for the sim a couple of years earlier, some of you might still remember that my very first work was hosted on Vince Black’s website.

There might be a few people, who are with this community even longer, but there won’t be too many of them. I think I have recently noticed that SteveGR’s membership (if you want to call it that) is into its 10th year as well. There’s graymac, the guys from TSC (who are legends themselves), Luigi Cartello (also a legend) and maybe a couple more guys, who I will not be able to quickly remember now.

To anyone who has been here for so long, but also to everyone else, be it a developer, or just train enthusiast, thank you for having me. 🙂

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