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Hello guys,

as some of you might have noticed, I was considering opening a Patron page those who would like to support me running the website or simply show their appreciation for things that I am doing.  Some of you have even considered becoming a Patron of Brnobve, which is good news – it looks like people, who care about the work of others, have not become extinct just yet. 😀

I was thinking about it from different points of view but I think Patreon is probably not the best option for me, as it usually requires periodical support from “Patrons”. Now, as nice as it might sound I am not sure I do deserve anything like that, since I cannot really guarantee the amount of time I will be able to dedicate to the sim. Moreover, subscribing to a monthly payment does not really sound to well for me in terms of “voluntary”´support.

Because of the above described reasons, I have gone and reviewed the PayPal account I set up back in the day. There have been some problems regarding suspected fraud, but after a long chain of emails it has turned out they have mistaken me because I sometimes connect to that account from work, where we have to use a proxy server. So, once the problems got clarified, the account has been cleared and I can use it again.

Therefore, for those, who want to voluntarily support the website, the PayPal is available again.

Thanks for reading. 🙂

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