Station taking its shape

Hello everyone,

so, the first station in the route is slowly but surely taking its shape. The vast majority of needed objects is already created, most of them are set in their place as well. However, it will be the sturroundings that will take the ost time to assemble (as usual). I will be re-using (and fixing at the same time) some objects from the First Brno Track, but for example the station objects have all been created from scratch. It is a different type of route after all, so it requires different station equipment.

The scenery, on the other hand, might be re-used and improved / updated with some new objects. It will still be a simulation of my country and the trees, bushes etc. don’t change that much, as we know. When I have some more material put together, I will create a new section of this website, which will be dedicated to the new project. So far, there’s not so much to brag about, so I don’t feel the need to start that section yet.

By the way – massive shoutout to Phil Eakins and his “Intelligent Integrated OBVE Script Editor” (donwloadable at this ite), which I am now using to build the route. Makes my job much easier. 🙂

Station basics…

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