Taste something new…

Hello guys,

so, today I found myself sat in front of my computer and having a look at the poll results so far, it looks like the majority would like to see a new route. I am sort of happy to see that as well. I am not dissing the FBT, but it will be very refreshing for me as well to produce something new. The downloads of FBT will (of course) remain available to you and I do not claim that the route itself will never be updated again; it will just be not worked on at this time.

Regarding the eventual new route – I am considering to create two versions; Low Detail (LD) and High Detail (HD). Even though I do not expect it to be as hardware demanding as FBT, since there will be no electricity on that route, I still think about people, who don’t have too powerful machines at home. Maybe I should actually gather some votes on that as well; to see if it is reasonable enough. I will not be creating separate meshes for the objects, but I might create HD and LD textures for objects.

And to not just talk rubbish and make promises – take a look at what I managed today 😉

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