Upcoming changes

Hello everyone,

it has been quite a while sinc ei have touched abything simulator – related. As you can imagine, real life was “getting in the way” and obviously there are things that have the priority in our life. In pronciple, the real life should always have a priority over the virtual one. 🙂 Real life in this case means not only my family, where I have to dedicate my time to my daughter and my wife, but also my job, which proved to be quite a challenge at times. All of this wa leaving me with practically no excess energy to think.

However, recet turn of events is leaving me with hope I should be able to return to creating smething useful again.My daughter is now going to kindergarten (not every day, but still, even two days a week leaves some time to rest) and I have also moved a position within my company, which alone will give me more free time. Or at least it looks like it at the moment. 😛

It is gonna be difficult, as I do not really have anyone to collaborate with (I think both Gyzma and Vince Black have packed it in), but that is something I am used to already. On the other handm, once you have created something for the simulator in the past, you have acquired the working principles of it and that is something you do not forget.

Hopefully this restart will work out well. I am looking forward to bringing out something new; it has always been a joy to create things.

Have a great day! 🙂

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