Finally some progress!

Hello everyone,

finally some good news to come with. I happened to have a couple  of free hours the other day (can’t remember the last time, it’s really that bad), so I thought I would take a look at something that I had promised some time ago. Some of you might still remember I intended to create revolving bogies for my electric locomotives. However, taking  a look at the current bogies of those trains, I realized the textures are so disgustingly bad I cannot use them for the update. The pictures were in low resolution and the photos were taken from a bad angle as well. Fortunately enough I had managed to find some good photos in my archive, so I took those and started the work. Right now, I have about 50% complete – that is because I am being mugged off by the transparent color, which needs to be drawn manually. There is too much stuff of various shapes in the pictures to exclude. 🙂

Just a quick heads up – I have extended the providing service for this website for another year. Hopefully this year will bring more good news as Chris seems to make be improving the sim step after step! 🙂


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