Is commercial madness over?

Hello everyone,

well, traditions differ in various parts of our world and here in the Czech republic, the Christmas gifts are already unpacked and revealed. I have to say it really is nice to have people thinking about you and trying to make you happy. 🙂 However, I still stand for the words I have sent out a few days ago in the BVE WorldWide newsletter – there is too many people trying to make profit of all this. It really makes me think the original idea of Christmas, which would in my opinion be gathering together with family and living a reasonable life without things that you actually don’t need, is often being left behind and forgotten. Of course, I am not going to throw the presents away, I am just saying I do not need big amounts of money spent on me to be assured who cares and who doesn’t. 🙂 How do you feel about your presents then? Are you satisfied, or is it a bunch of things you don’t need yet again? 😀

Let’s talk some BVE now – I have built another couple of meters of the route today; I think you can imagine not much could have been done. These are going to be the days when I am more or less just putting stuff together, since I have all the necessary objects at my disposal and already created. I was thinking I would mabye post a screenshot, but I have realised I do not have access to any proper screen to make a FullHD picture. That’s a pity. Or are you interested in lower-res picture?

Let me know!

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