Building brick walls

Hello everyone,

time to build some proper brick walls! I have to do that both in the real life and the BVE one, since I need to modify the kitchen AND build some cutting for the route. An interesting coincidence. 🙂

Anyway, with all this physical work running on lately, I seem to be finding a bit of relaxation in route building. It compensates for the physical work – the muscles can rest and the brain is finally utilized to some of its capacity. 😀 I hope I will be able to bring some new screenshots in soon; I have the feeling this simulator could do with a few more kilometers of quality routes. Hopefully I am not be the only one who thinks so. 😀 I can see a few of my colleagues – route builders, who could be able to produce a mile or two as well. They certainly have the capabilities, the problem is, as always, the time.

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