A few organizational changes

Hello everyone,

as you can probably tell, the website has undergone a couple of changes over the last few days. I think these were necessary, as the old design was created for the old resolution 1280 x 1024. These days, a vast majority of users has a screen capable of Full HD (I am not making that up, the stats clearly show it), so I have decided to widen the website to match this resolution. It allows me to put two sidebars as well, which will come in handy.

The first change is that the polls will no longer be put in posts – they now have a separate widget in the left sidebar. All the widgets are visible from everywhere, which makes it a lot easier to use them. Another new feature that I am able to re-introduce with this site layout is the message board on the right hand side. I will be very happy if you guys use it to report any issues on the website, or to simply tell me anything. If there is something you want to tell me in private, you can still use the web form in Miscellaneous -> Banners & Contact.

Also, I have moved the commercial banner from the top of the page to the bottom of it so that it does not distract you that much. Still, I would like you to disable your Ad Block if you have, as I hope the commercial banner will help me cover the site running costs.

I hope these small things will help make this site a slightly better place to visit, because that’s the aim of it all. 🙂

Thank you! 😉

The new beginning

Hello everyone,

looks like a have some mixed news for you today. I have found myself sat in front of my computer today thinking “let’s build something for the sim”. So I have opened the simulator and tried to load the route. Some work has been done since the last release, but not a big amount, as I was really fully occupied with real life. So, there’s the good news, I actually intend to do something for the sim again. 🙂

However, the attempt to load the route was not successful. I could hear funny sounds from my hard drive, so I knew immediately something’s not alright. So I took the drive out and tried to save some data, including the photos of my daughter, loads of composed music and the route. The disc, however, was not responding anymore. It was a pretty new one, so I might have it replaced in warranty, but that is not going to save me data. The route itself is a shame, but there has not been so much done and I have the backup of the last released version on the server. So I can start over on that.

What I cannot recover, though, is some photos of my daughter and of me and my wife when we started dating etc., which angers me beyond belief.

With this happening, I have a decision to make and I would like you to help me with that. Please vote in the poll.